I'm so happy you are here!


I help you heal from people pleasing, chameleoning yourself, and  having no boundaries. I help you get connected to your next level in a way that feels just-right-for-you.

Together we work on getting rooted in YOUR values and align you with who you are here to be - instead of who you thought you had to be.


This means you will get connected to your purpose, begin to step into your next level and heal what has been holding you back all these years.


With compassion and empathy, during our session, I help you feel lighter, more connected, and more clear on who and what you're here to do as a woman. My clients after just 1 session feel lighter and have so many ah-ha moments about what has been holding them back.

My sessions are heartfelt, dynamic, and life changing from the inside out. I am trained in Compassionate Inquiry (a therapeutic method created by Dr. Gabor Maté), and I use a variety of proven techniques as well as my own methodology and approach to support you to heal and boldly step into your your next level with ease and grace.

If you are ready for palpably compassionate and dynamic support and know that where you are right now is not where you are staying forever, please apply for 1:1 coaching.


If I feel your needs fit my expertise, I will reach out to you to book a complimentary discovery call!