Hi! I'm Jessica Scott.

I have been working with women in the online space for 7 years. I began as a fitness coach, but transitioned to working on the insides of women instead of the outside. 

I found that my obsession with controlling and manipulating my body had deep roots in Emotional Neglect and people pleasing.

I constantly was trying to be more perfect.


More appealing to others.


More who I thought I needed to be.

When my daughter, Scarlett was around 3, I saw her watching me and I wanted her to know that life was so much more than LOOKING good.

When I first began this work I had no idea how to get my needs met.

I had no idea how to speak up. I always joke with my 1:1 clients that something I never said for the first 30ish years of my life was: "You know what, I disagree."


That would have been to scary. Too overwhelming. Too overstimulating.

I would go a long to get along.

I learned in my healing that I scored astronomically high as a highly sensitive person.

Highly sensitive individuals are sensitive to external stimuli: bright lights, loud noises, itchy fabrics. We also feel things very deeply. Are deeply moved by the arts. And notice subtleties in our environment that non-HSP individuals do not.

We pick up on so much information that without proper direction and learning how to navigate this noisy world, we cut off connection to our body.

We live very cerebrally.

We intellectualize.

We numb out.

We diet.

Anything to quiet the noise that we don't know what to do with.

It's been quite the journey for me.

Inviting compassion in.

Loving myself.

Stepping into who I am here to be instead of being who I thought I needed to be.

And in the messiness I have found such peace.

Life is lighter.

I am the most confident I have ever been.

I am no longer a girl, instead I am a woman.

I know who I am. I know why I am here. 

I know what my gifts are and I no longer am available for chameleoning and shrinking back even if it means I have to say, "you know what, I disagree."

I have learned how to communicate. How to state my needs. I have learned what my needs are and how to get them met.

And these are the very things I now help women learn, harness, and step into in their life, with the utmost compassion.

I'm so happy you are here. 

Love, Jessica