Come Home to You

a 14 day transformation workshop for the highly sensitive woman

to go from overwhelmed to aligned

Are you a highly sensitive woman?



Do you:

  • Dislike small talk and feel misunderstood?

  • Fail to prioritize yourself and self sacrifice?

  • Have trouble identifying your needs and thus feel anger, resentment and frustration a lot?

  • Bothered by bright lights, loud noises, crowded places, strong smells and rough textures?

  • Feel deeply moved by the arts and nature?

  • People please to avoid conflict?

  • Have difficulty voicing, expressing and communicating your needs to others?

  • Feel that the boundaries between yourself and others are often blurred?

If so, you're most likely a Highly Sensitive Woman...


which can be an amazing thing, if we master a few skills so we can live comfortably in this hectic, chaotic and crazy world!

If HSP's aren't careful, we miss out on the joy that we COULD be experiencing.

We miss out on it because we're stressed out and overwhelmed.

We miss out because we don't have the tools to process all the stimulation.

We miss out because somewhere along the way we've learned not to trust and nourish this beautiful gift of sensitivity we have.

And that stops here.


What if you were able to navigate this year and feel:




In charge


Excited about and tuned into your needs





Aligned with your Inner self



No matter where you were?


If you lived from that place, how delicious could your life become? 

How far reaching would the effects be? In your family? Relationships? Career?


Trust me, I know what life feels like as a highly sensitive woman when we are overstimulated and out of alignment with who we are and what we need.


Life feels heavy. Chaotic and confusing.


When we have lived for years people-pleasing and not being able to communicate what we need, our life gets stressful and after years doesn't feel "right".


It’s not your fault though...


We haven't been taught how to come home to ourselves.


Instead we’ve been taught to make sure everyone else feels at home.


Most of this conditioning occurs in our homes growing up.


We are taught that our needs and what we value doesn't matter -- either overtly or we get the message by reading between the lines.


As highly sensitive women we are repeatedly invalidated by those who don’t see the world as we do and feel as we feel. 


We’re inundated with messages online and in the self help world telling us to “be ourselves” but how do we actually do that if we come from a family that really don’t allow for that?


Even worse, what if we have been people pleasing and not communicating our needs for so long that we don't even know what we need anymore? 


How do we come home to ourselves then?

What if you were given the tools to get to know yourself and what you value and live from that place of alignment?


What if you learned how to stop people pleasing? Not just for the holidays but for life.


What if instead of shutting down when overstimulated instead you felt expansive, confident and connected to your truth and knowingness?


What if your life reflected this?


The truth is when we embrace who we really are and what we need, the fabric of our life changes. Instead of creating from what others value and need us to be, our life, relationships, and career is built from our values and is to be just-right-for-us.


A woman who knows what she values and needs and has boundaries in place to protect that is the woman who feels HOME wherever she is.


She lives with ease and grace instead of haste, frustration and resentment.


What is Coming Home to You?


Coming Home is a 2 week transformation workshop for women to connect to their internal compass and learn tools for navigating overwhelm and frustration.


You inner voice and guidance system, no matter now long you have ignored or buried it, is still there. She is always there waiting for you to hold space for her to speak and create.


We typically think that taking the time to connect to what we need and live intentionally from this space is extra work that we dont have time for… I mean we’re all busy right?


But the truth is that when we are intentional with our life and have boundaries in place to support what we need and who we are, the haste, frustration, and overstimulation that is our norm is replaced with expansiveness, confidence, clarity and ease.

When we live intentionally from this space we unlearn who we have needed to be to survive in our family system and start being who we need to be to thrive in our life...

our authentic self.

Visualize for a moment:

  • Feeling alive and connected to yourself

  • Having tools at your disposal to always know your true north

  • Experiencing more fulfillment in your relationships without people pleasing

  • Developing new and healthy coping mechanisms

  • Being able to communicate with love and integrity

  • Healing old ways of being that have kept you stuck for years

  • Connecting to an inner confidence that never runs out

  • Embracing the authentic you who has been waiting for you to see yourself with clarity

  • Stopping overwhelm and overstimulation in its tracks

  • Feeling more joy, love, and happiness than you ever have

  • Knowing what you need at all times and how to give that to yourself

Hello Love, I'm Jessica.

Before I became a Life Coach, I spent years disconnected from my authentic self. Overwhelmed. Overstimulated. And people pleasing to avoid conflict and keep the peace.

It wasn't intentional, of course, instead it was a learned way of being.


It was a means of survival.


It was how I managed life as a highly sensitive child, young girl, and woman.

Even though on the outside, I looked like I had it all together, I was completely out of alignment with who I really was.

This manifested as disordered eating patterns, constant stress, controlling everything around me and constant irritability at everyone and everything.


There was no breathing room.


No room to create.


No room for joy because all of my energy went toward managing the life I didn't want.

Eventually I reached a breaking point and knew something needed to change.

I went inside.

Inside my heart, and began to look around and what lived there.


What rules was I following. What reactions had I memorized. What ways of being had I learned as coping mechanisms and I began to connect to what I needed Every. Single. Day.

I couldn't connect to what I needed without knowing who I was though.

So I got clear on what I liked.

What I didn't.

What my inner No and Yes was.

What I valued

and what I didn't.

and put fierce boundaries up to protect that.


which side note, are completely different than walls, which are a wounded defense mechanism.

My whole life began to change from the inside out.


My relationships. What I experienced. What I allowed. What I said yes to.


And this, in turn changed the fabric of the life I experienced. This changed not only my holidays but EVERY day.

 Coming Home Curriculum


Pre Work: Getting to know yourself as an HSP + Understanding Emotions 

Two fun quizzes -- there are no wrong answers so no need to stress!

First you will start out by getting to know just how sensitive you are. (I'm an overachiever in this department having almost EVERY single HSP trait! Ha!) Next you'll dive into how you currently cope with overwhelm, overstimulation so we have a baseline for the course.

Next you will learn about emotions and how to stop pathologizing the "negative" ones. You will discover why this is KEY to feeling confident and in charge of your life and holidays.


Module 1: Welcome HOME


In Module 1 you will learn why HSP's are amazing at people pleasing - I know I know... not the best trait to be amazing at. But once we know the reason, we can heal it.


Then you will be taken through an exercise of connecting to who you truly are and what your values are. This creates a blueprint for how to navigate the upcoming holidays and really, your entire life!

You will know exactly when you're in alignment and exactly when you're not and be able to make a plan to get back to where you feel CALM and ALIGNED.

Module 2: Boundaries for Highly Sensitive Women

The Second Module is, perhaps, the most important module of all. This is the walls of the house were building- so to speak. Just as a house without walls cannot be supported, a life without boundaries cannot support your desires, your needs, or do anything except manage the chaos that no boundaries creates.

You will learn exactly which emotions signal that your boundaries are being violated and what to do next.

It will become so clear to you why you thought having no (or weak) boundaries was a good thing, that much of your life will make sense in just this one lesson.

Module 3: How to Get your needs as a HSP met


Once you're connected to yourself and you have boundaries in place, the next ingredient is communication. Knowing how to communicate your needs both to yourself and those around you is CRUCIAL for staving off holiday overwhelm and overstimulation.


Nonviolent communication and reflective listening will be paramount for mastering this module as well as emotion coaching for yourself (bonus: this skill can also be applied to your children even if they are not HSP's).

Module 4: Let Yourself be SEEN! LIVE Q&A

In the final module we will be engaging as a group. This is where so much magic happens! I will be coaching those with questions, live and walking them through the steps to transformation. Healing happens when we are fully seen. And this will be so pivotal for your transformation, even if you just watch!

Course Dates:

Monday January 27 - February 10, 2019


Flash Sale: $297 

Regular Price: $379

This is a 14 day transformation course, which will take place in a private Facebook Group! After payment is rendered, you will be emailed and redirected to the private Facebook Group.


Each module in the course is 45-60 minutes in length and uploaded to the facebook group for your viewing.


You will have access to the modules and the facebook group forever- yes even after the course ends!

"Working with Jess was magical. Honestly working with her for one month, I feel like I got to the core of my healing... We connected instantly and I felt totally comfortable sharing myself with her.


I gained more in our month together than in the last few years of therapy.


I was hesitant due to fear and cost but it was more Than worth it and I'm so glad I didn't let that hold me back!

-Courtney B.

"Since working with Jessica, I feel so light... like a weight has been lifted. The weight of being what everyone else thinks I should be. I feel alive for the first time in a long time!"

-Emma M.