Image by David Garrido

Are you deeply moved by the arts and music?

Have you been told your entire life you're too emotional?

Too sensitive?

Can you read people and subtleties that others miss?

(And has all this left you feeling a bit crazy your whole life?)

You're in good company.

I am also a HSP and the moment I learned this- my world changed.

Hearing the needs of the women in my community I decided to begin facilitating drop-in group coaching sessions for Highly Sensitive Women. It's SO healing to be around the 15% of the population that processes information more deeply and thinks the way we do. It's SO validating and moving to meet and hear from other women who experience life the way we do! 

Moreover HSP women tend to have the same wounds because we, growing up, have constantly been invalidated because the majority doesn't think, feel, process information or act like us!

Say hello to chameleoning, being in relationships with narcissistic people, having no boundaries, not being able to communicate or speak up, or trust your information and inner knowing...

And all those things and more is what this group will be for. Guidance on HSP specific wounds.

This is a Group Coaching session on Wednesday nights.


8pm EST/ 7pm CST/ 5pm EST


Those who attend the zoom/video conference call will be able to voice a concern, need, or something they are working through and they will be coached through it.

Group work is transformational because there are parts of ourselves in those around us.


We are all interconnected and we all are struggling in some way.


Our exact stories may differ, we may have different backgrounds, but those who are on this path are often times moving though many of the same stumbling blocks, challenges, and traumas.

This circle is trauma informed and promises to be dynamic for those who are searching for answers, without having to go through stacks of course modules or read all the books on your own or even leave your house!

The group coaching is facilitated via zoom (a video conferencing platform). You can have your camera on or off!

I can't wait to see you in the next group session!


  • When is the meeting and how long is it? 

Wednesday Nights every week 7pm CST. The meeting is one hour/60 minutes in length.

  • What is the cost to attend?

$30 per week. It is a pay per session. If you want to attend weekly, you will have to checkout on the form each week to reserve your spot and receive the zoom link for that weeks session.

  • Will everyone have a chance to speak and share what they need coaching on?​​  

We will have as many guests share, speak, and ask questions as possible. The beauty of group coaching and processing is that even if your particular concern isn't addressed, there will be parts others stories that resonate with you. Just by being in attendance, you will receive so much to take away and work on throughout the week in your own life. Group work is dynamic and amazing like that. 

  • Who is facilitating and running the group?

Jessica Scott, Life Coach for Highly Sensitive Women, Trauma Informed and Relationship Expert, HSP

  • What if I have something I need coaching on, but I don't want to share openly with the group?

You can email requests and concerns to at least 24 hours before the meeting.​

  • Will there be a recording if I miss it?

Due to the nature of group coaching and the privacy and safety of the space, there will not be recordings of the meeting​. This allows people to share and know it will not be posted, sent, or reviewed by anyone other than those in the space who are there for healing, coaching, and guidance.

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