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Value your Life

a MINI COURSE on personal values and

effective life navigation

You’re ready for lightness, steadiness, and confidence in who you are and where you're going. 

But you feel held back.


The confusion about your life, the way you're supposed to go, and what way is just-right-for you feels overwhelming and so far out of reach.










You've been wondering who you really are behind trying to be who the world tells you to be

You've been living in anxiety, confusion, uncertainty and comparison

It often times feels like you trade your authenticity for likeability

You feel anxious about what’s just right for you instead of calm.


You feel unsure about your next step instead of clear

This uncertainty in your direction destroys the daily moments of your life...

& you know deep down that precious space could be filled with joy


Are you ready to trade this for clarity and courage?

You're not alone...  You've got this....  I can help...


You're ready for flow.  Flow that comes with connection to yourself and your loved ones.


You're ready for freedom. Freedom from people pleasing and simply not knowing who you are and how to show up because for YEARS you’ve had to betray that authentic nature.


You’re ready to know what’s just-right-for-you at every turn.  The confidence, clarity and bold authenticity that comes with knowing who you are and what you want.  


gives you your power back.

Knowing my values earlier in my life would have saved me YEARS of fumbling around in the dark-  trying other people's values on for size or worse yet thinking I had to conform to and squeeze myself into what other people valued.


Once I found my personal values and did the hard work to live into them, it’s like something ignited in me.


I used be that woman who:


Was unsure and confused about myself, my path, and which was just-right-for me... now I’m clear.

Used to look outside of myself for answers... now I turn within.

Used to not understand the choices I made and second guessed myself when others disagreed… not anymore.

Hi, I'm Jessica Scott

I know who I am.

I know where I am going.

Moreover, I know who I am as a mother. As a woman. As a partner.


And the space that has opened up just by knowing this is ENORMOUS.


I feel so much lighter. So much less-weighed down by the franticness of trying to “figure it out”.

And that’s why I want to share this with you.



So you too can experience that same lightness. That same clarity. That same excitement when you see who you are and what you stand for written in front of you.

You deserve clarity.

"Since working with Jessica, I feel so light... like a weight has been lifted. The weight of being what everyone else thinks I should be. I feel alive for the first time in a long time!"

-Emma M.

Here's what happened to Jasmine after going through this same exercise.

Ah-ha moments.


So much change and happiness.

What's possible for you?

What do you get?

In this 3 video mini course, you will discover your personal values and also learn how to do the deep work to create a life that supports you as you live into them.


You will get so clear on what IS and ISN'T for you and know how to live into your values as well as spot the behaviors and habits that you sometimes do that pull you away from living into your values.


This is a self-paced course, which means there's no class, no group, no meetings to add to your already busy schedule! You can complete this entire course in a few hours, but the insights you gain will live with you and impact your life forever! 


I give you the tools to understand yourself with compassion and connect the dots in your life so you can show up in support of yourself no matter what has happened in your life. You are going to love this!