Get the tools needed to heal from the past, navigate your current life effectively, and boldly step into who you are here to be.
I promise you “ah-ha moments” galore and a delicious feeling of “lightness” that has been experienced by 1000’s of my clients and students.
You’re just a few clicks away!
In this 3 video course, you will learn:
1 |  Who Am I?
  • Without knowing your values you are subject to living a life that isn't yours and doesn't feel true for you

  • Knowing your values help you navigate tough decision- they are like a north star pointing you to a way that's just right for you

  • We can't practice staying aligned to our values if we don't know what they are: this opens us up for people pleasing, chameleoning, and getting lost in life

2 | This is who I am.
  • Learn my process of narrowing down your values, which also orients you to meet deeper layers of yourself

  • Discover the two patterns most women have in their values list

3 | Living into your values. The Real Work.
  • Deep dive into the specific behaviors that help you live into your values

  • Receiving coaching on how to understand why you perhaps haven't been living into your values

  • Begin to connect the dots on your family of origin, past and current relationships, and how you can, through living into your values, decide to heal parts of you that are no longer serving you

  • Your values are So unique to you and a pivotal part of knowing who you are and helping you show up empowered

  • Receive tips, tools and understanding on HOW to practice living into your values and what our slippery behaviors show us- it's not what you think!

A mini course on personal values and effective life navigation 

Video Lessons


Lifetime Access 

3 video MINI course



Lifetime Access 

In this visualization you will:
  • Learn how to quiet the critical and judgmental parts of you

  • Learn how to tap into the most overlooked part of you: Your the Inner Mentor

  • Connect to and experience in real time that true self-essence which is always inside of you- even if at times it feels like she is far away or buried beneath circumstance, harsh inner voices, or fear.

  • Tap into your inner mentors wisdom and support forevermore so you always know what way is just-right-for-you.

This is the visualization and tool that has saved me on multiple occasions from the loudest voices of fear and criticism that are also parts of me. 


Visualization & Journal prompts